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    Eyebrows often have leathered, hard and dry skin. During pigmentation of the eyebrow, the skin starts to swell or may tighten or bleed, so parts of the brow will stay colorless. The advantages of Booster Brow are: It will weaken the skin
    allowing easier needle penetration. You don’t need to over work the skin, allowing you to work faster. The puncture hole closes quicker, minimising pigment loss


    Lips will bleed quickly because there are many blood vessels in the area. The skin of the lips is also a membrane so it is difficult to encapsulate pigment. The advantages of Booster Lip are: It staunches bleeding and will lower the pH of the pigment. As the skin raises the pH it will contract and close the puncture holes, so the pigment is able to remain


    The skin of an eyeliner procedure is a membrane so it is difficult to encapsulate pigment. During an eyeliner procedure your clients eyes will swell and tear up. The advantages of Booster Eye are: It slows the lymph system so less swelling and the puncture hole closes quickly. Booster Eye neutralizes the salt in tears, which makes the procedure more comfortable


    Post treatment puncture holes can be quickly closed to help seal in the pigment and begin the healing process. For brows and eyes Permanent Sealer can be followed by dry healing

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